Leadership advice from a Career Military Intelligence Officer

Dianna Flett was was the Deputy Office chief across the water in DIA for the office that watched Afghanistan on September 11, 2001. Her husband worked in the Pentagon.

Dianna turning over her command with Battalion Commander Colonel Ben Brewer
Out for a morning run with ruck sacks with the 513th MI Brigade
Flett deployed with her soldiers to Egypt in the late 1980s
Then Captain Dianna Flett, U.S. Army Military Intelligence

Dianna’s Favorite Books

Recommended Readings by a Woman in U.S. Army Military Intelligence

Defining Grit

“Grit is the combination and manifestation of perseverance and resilience. It’s that thing in a person that keeps them from quitting even when quitting is the easiest course of action. Being able to take on a challenge and knowing you are going to follow it through regardless of setbacks is huge.”

Retired LTC Dianna Flett today

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