Quitting wasn’t an option for fighter pilot Tammy Barlette

When Tammy Barlette flies at 400 knots with her wingtip just three feet away from another plane, she doesn’t pay attention to her own excitement. “I’m good at compartmentalizing, and focusing entirely on the moment at hand,” says this fearless woman. “It’s easier to keep any emotion out of the cockpit.”

Tammy Barlette
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Tammy Barlette with her A-10
Tammy Barlette with the Reaper RPA


Book Recommendations from a Woman Fighter Pilot and Leader
Bartlette and her children

Tammy’s Advice to New Officers and Leaders

“Show respect for the senior enlisted corps,” Barlette says. “They are a huge asset to you. Know what steps you need to take to get to the next level of your career, and keep detailed records.” Finally, in advice that echoes across several of our interviewees: “Get your masters degree sooner than later.”

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